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Join the first ever D Tac Handgun Training Course - Limited Amount of Spots

Join Decision Tactical in Sanford, FL for our exclusive basic handgun training course led by retired Orlando Police Department veteran, Dave Haddock. Learn from the expertise of a 26-year Special Weapons and Tactics team member, serving as both a sniper and team leader. Limited to the first 10 trainees, secure your spot today!

The Course begins Thursday, March 14th at 5:30 pm and will run at the same time for the following 3 Thursdays (March 21st, 28th and April 4th)

Book your training now and be one of the first 10 people to participate!

Image: Advertisement for basic handgun training course by Decision Tactical in Sanford, FL. Led by retired Orlando Police Department veteran, Dave Haddock. Limited to first 10 trainees

Experience a comprehensive firearm training session covering safety, handgun mechanics, grip, and loading techniques. Develop skills for confident handling and consistent progress.

The cost of the course is $160 + a one time fee of $20 for a background check. Participants most be 18 years or older to register and take part in the course. The course is set to last 4 weeks with a limit of 10 trainees. Here is a breakdown of the classes and their projected dates:

Class #1 – Thursday, March 14th

Discover essential firearm safety rules, master the nomenclature of a semi-automatic handgun, identify your dominant eye, perfect your handgun grip, and learn efficient loading and unloading techniques. Engage in a comprehensive familiarization course of fire, ensuring consistent progress with each session

Class #2 – Thursday, March 21st

This instruction block will review Class #1 material. It will explain the cycle of operation of a semi-automatic handgun. You’ll understand sight alignment and sight picture. You’ll also learn about stance and trigger control.

Class #3 – Thursday, March 28th

This block of instruction will review Class #2 material, practice muzzle control, practice drawing from a holster, and practice follow-up shots.

Class#4 – Thursday, April 4th

This block of instruction will review Class #3 material, practice reloads, failure to fire malfunction clearing, and lateral movement.


Spots are based on first come first served. If you are interested in taking part in this amazing training experience, click the link below:

Book your training now and be one of the first 10 people to participate!

A little more about Dave:

Dave, a seasoned member of the City of Orlando Police Department for 30 years, brings a wealth of expertise to his current role. His last nine years were dedicated to the Professional Standards Division. Throughout his tenure, Dave:

  1. Served as the Department’s subject matter expert: With 16 years of experience, Dave was the go-to authority on Police Practices and Use of Force.
  2. Developed cutting-edge training programs: He created comprehensive training modules for electronic weapons usage and response tactics for active shooter incidents, widely adopted by the Department.
  3. Authored crucial Department policies: Dave’s expertise extended to policy formulation. He focused particularly on areas concerning the use of electronic weapons, force application, and vehicle pursuit protocols.
  4. Provided expert testimony and consultation: He lent his insights and expertise in numerous State and Federal legal proceedings, offering invaluable insights on law enforcement use of force, defensive tactics, and police practices.
  5. Led the Accountability, Standards, and Compliance Unit: As the head of this critical unit, Dave spearheaded the review of use of force incidents and police practices, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of accountability and compliance.

Dave retired from the Orlando Police Department in 2022. Now, he channels his vast knowledge into consulting and teaching. He specializes in instructing on use of force, police practices, firearms, and situational awareness.