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Competition Series at Decision Tactical

May 4 - June 3

Join Decision Tactical for our inaugural Tournament Series! Test your skills on our Competition Course every Friday through Sunday, with scores automatically entered for our August 2024 Summer Shootout. Whether a novice or expert, hone your speed, accuracy, and 'move-and-shoot' techniques. Top qualifiers each month compete for prizes including exclusive D-Tac gift cards, swag, and a special Tournament Course. Even if you don't qualify, keep practicing and stay tuned for future events! Follow us for updates and see you at D-Tac!

Decision Tactical is proud to announce our first ever Tournament Series! Starting in May everyone who runs our Competition Course from Friday-Sunday will automatically have their scores entered in our big August 2024 Summer Shootout. 


The D-Tac Competition Course tests your speed, accuracy and ability to “move-and-shoot” and is perfect for our first ever competition series. All you have to do is come in during one of our weekend qualifiers and run the course. We’ll message you and let you know where you stand as you can come as many weekends as you want to keep trying or just getting better.


This Competition Series is open to everyone of all skill-levels with two goals in mind (1) train and build confidence with firearms and (2) have fun. That’s it!


The highest qualifiers in May, June and July move on to the big Tournament in August which includes:


  1. A special Competition Course different from the qualifiers!
  2. $250 D-Tac Experiential Gift Card 
  3. $250 D-Tac Food & Drink Gift Card
  4. D-Tac Swag


Whether you qualify or not, keep coming back and practicing our Range and Course throughout the week to get better. We hope to make this a recurring event with even bigger prizes and courses so help us make our Summer Shootout a success. 


Remember to follow our social channels and emails to keep updated on the Tournament and your personal scores. 


See you at D-Tac!