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Decision Tactical

Immersive Training Experience

Law Enforcement

Engage in de-escalation and crisis situation training in mock buildings and realistic environments designed specifically for law enforcement, security officers and first responders.


Walk in a police officer’s shoes and test your response capabilities while in the line of fire.


An Immersive Training Experience That Blurs the Lines of Simulation and Reality

Navigate Mock Buildings and Real-World Scenarios

This is NOT virtual reality. It’s way more than a virtual shooting range. Physically maneuver through buildings, in homes, around street corners and other mock environments where high-stress, dangerous scenarios unfold.

Physical training scenario with mock environments at Decision Tactical. Participants maneuver through buildings, homes, and streets to simulate high-stress, dangerous scenarios

360' Vertical Shooting Experience

Real-life threats come from any direction, including from above or below. Respond accordingly as you physically maneuver through mock environments and address threats from 360° laterally and 360° vertically for 720° total engagement.

Lone Survivor or Team Up

Venture alone or team up with up to four mates.

Civilian Pistol Training at Decision Tactical

"What Gets Measured Gets Improved"

Track every part of your training experience while maneuvering through the scenarios, including:

  • Movement
  • Concealment
  • Words and Tone
  • Draw Initiation and Draw Speed
  • Shot Speed and Shot Accuracy
  • Fine Trigger-Pull Micromovements
At Decision Tactical, data is utilized to meticulously assess and enhance performance

Improve Your Skills in the After Action Review Center

Hone your defensive skills by reviewing your personal videos and stats at the After Action Review (AAR) Center. According to a study by the United States Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, AAR is a crucial learning step and the place where information gets transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory. Get optional guidance from expert law enforcement and military veterans.

Savor Your Adventure

Relax with your mates over an ice-cold beer and enjoy American cuisine prepared fresh onsite daily at the Mess Hall Restaurant & Bar or at the Rec Room, which features cornhole boards and shuffleboard tables.

Enjoying drinks and American cuisine at the Mess Hall Restaurant & Bar or Rec Room, featuring cornhole boards and dart boards.

Competition Course

Test your speed and accuracy as you maneuver through winding hallways in our high-tech shooting obstacle course.

Shooting Range

Available for all skill levels, our shooting range lanes allow you to get comfortable with your recoiling sim gun and hone your shooting skills. The D-TAC range also provides individualized video instructions and multiple drills to challenge even the most advanced shooter.

Our Mission

Save Lives - Bridge Divides

This involves a two-pronged approach:

  1. Better train first responders for high-stress interactions and crisis situations.
  2. Increase the public’s understanding of police-interaction challenges and what to do in crisis situations.

Through an experiential learning process, D-TAC illuminates challenges faced by both police and civilians in crisis situations and provides the opportunity to review and learn from mistakes before they have an impact in the real world.

Better training leads to better actions, and increased empathy fosters a mutual understanding. The combination of both can achieve real change and save lives.

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Welcome to D-TAC

How It Works

The Mess Hall

Relax with friends in the Mess Hall and Rec Room. Enjoy food from the curated menu and drinks from the full service bar. Head to the Rec Room for a game of darts or cornhole.

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Relax with friends at The Mess Hall Bar and Grill.

Choose Your Interest

To make the most of your D-TAC visit and fully experience all that our world-class facility has to offer, make sure to plan ahead. Here are some of your available options:


Find out about D-TAC’s revolutionary law enforcement training including live actors infused into the simulations with two-way dialogue in real time for realistic de-escalation training. Our state-of-the art training provides more realistic scenarios at a fraction of the price of less realistic alternatives.


Explore all of our immersive scenarios and the Competition Course as an individual or with a group.


Book your group activity at D-TAC for corporate events, parties, team builds and more.

Ready for Serious Training?

Location Details

D-TAC is conveniently located near Orlando adjacent to Seminole Towne Center in Sanford, Florida, just off Interstate 4 at State Road 417.

430 Town Center Cir
Sanford, FL 32771